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About Us

Employment Opportunities at the G.W. Zoo

So, you want to work at a zoo? Love animals? Like the idea of having a place to live with all utilities paid?

We strive to make the best environment for our animals. They come first. We hire various positions for different areas of animal care. Below you will find descriptions of each position and the rules that go along with them.


  • Individuals will work six days a week
  • We DO NOT allow phones, while working. Any type of cameras. Any type of recording devices. Any type of alcohol. Any type of drugs. Any foul language
  • Uniform is required


  • All cages are to have the following done daily - The entire cage raked and clean of any debris, trash, feces and leaves
  • Every food and water bowl is to be disinfected daily. No algae is allowed!
  • Every house is to be cleaned, inside and out daily
  • All cages are to be checked for broken wires and repairs daily
  • Enrichment toys and objects are changed daily
  • Exhibits are to be raked around the outside daily
  • Every animal is to be observed for health, happiness, and interaction with enrichment objects
  • Clean and fresh food is to be put out daily along with treats of the day
  • Your work equipment is to be cleaned and put away daily. You will be given a list of tools and supplies you will use daily
  • You will be required to be at work at 8:45 am. You will be required to be in uniform at all times. You will be required to go through a training program before be allowed to handle or touch any animal. You will be in training for one year. You will conduct yourself in the manner expected by this park.


  • Sticking your fingers, hands or any part of your body into a cage with an animal in the cage.
  • Teasing or abusing any animal on the park
  • Coming to work hung over, with alcohol on your breath.
  • Gossip or any drama what so ever.
  • Not feeding or watering animals according to protocol.
  • Not cleaning or disinfecting cages according to protocol.
  • No loud or fowl language used on the park.
  • Letting an animal out of a cage.
  • Not locking a cage when your done working in it.
  • These do not have any warnings to them
  • Not following written protocols.
  • No drinking on the park, or outside housing at all


  • You may smoke at work but you will not leave butts on the park grounds.
  • You may drink soda and water while doing chores, Until you prove you cant keep track of your bottles, cups, cans.
  • No cell phones except on supervisors.
  • You need to be on time for work. 8:45 am no later
  • You need a doctors excuse to miss work
  • You will not be told to keep staff housing clean
  • You will need to take your house trash to the park dumpster as needed.
  • All gates and barrier gates are to be shut at all times.
  • Your drinking at home in the evenings should be done in moderate amounts, I will not tolerate drunks.
  • We will not tolerate any kind of drama, loud parties or other issues in staff housing.
  • The park is licensed with a alcohol license and a tobacco license and alcohol can not be consumed on property that was bought off property. This will cost large fines and loss of license so it is strictly forbidden.
  • Remember we have the USDA, State of Oklahoma Fish and Game, The Federal Fish and Game, the EPA, DEQ, State and local Law enforcement watching every move we make. There is no room for any unprofessional behavior on the park at all.

Primate Care & Big Cat Internship | Managerial Duties | Other Responsibilities

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