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Joe Schreibvogel's Response To PeTA's Bogus Press Release

September 28, 2013 -- WYNNEWOOD, OK

This morning, PETA sent an urgent letter to Dr. Robert Gibbens, Western regional director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) animal-care division, urging him not to renew the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license belonging to Joe Schreibvogel, which authorizes The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park (G.W. Zoo) to exhibit numerous animals (First of all, Dr. Gibbens does not have the authority to do this. Only a judge can revoke a USDA License.) - including more than 100 big cats — at a roadside menagerie located in Wynnewood. (A Menagerie? This is a full blown accredited zoo with many species of animals and also, one of the nicest zoo's in the country.) Among PETA's concerns are Schreibvogel's long history of animal-care violations, the deaths of dozens of tigers and other animals, (The death of dozens of tigers and other animals? They get old, they die, out of the 3000 plus animals rescued by Joe Schreibvogel over 15 years, some will die since they are rescued as adults and live out their natural life (skunks etc only 5 years of age to tigers of 18-20 years). PeTA killed 87% of the animals they got their hands on last year, now why are they complaining about animals dying of natural causes) public endangerment, and his inability to care for the animals properly, (Caring for animals in any form is better than putting them to death the minute they get their hands on them like PeTA does.) in part because of his extensive debts, which amount to between $1 million and $10 million. (PeTA pulls figures out of their own file cabinets, I have not spent 10 million dollars in my life time but boy would I like to. Where they get these figures is beyond me.) Schreibvogel's bankruptcy is currently pending. (Joe Schreibvogel waved his bankruptcy and if PeTA stalked Joe properly they would know that since it is a matter of public record, he did not go through bankruptcy.)

"This exhibitor has used his USDA exhibitor's license to exploit and neglect animals to the point that they die by the dozens," says PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Delcianna Winders. (Now PeTA, The HSUS, Big Cat Rescue and Born Free are petitioning the USDA to make it a law that you can not remove baby bears, big cats or primates from their mothers until natural weening age. Now tens of thousands of babies will die nation wide due to lack of nursing from mom, being laid on, weather elements, etc. Do you see a pattern here of lack of concern for saving animals?) "Renewing his license would be tantamount to signing off on more animals' death certificates." (Taking my license would only stop public funding which in turn would be devistating for the animals and cause more problems of lack of care, food, etc. If PeTA is so concerned about the health of these animals why don't they use some of those millions they get from people thinking they save dogs and cats instead of killing them and build Joe's animals nicer cages and improve their lives instead of trying to cut funding for them completely, where is that going to help any of Joe's animals?)

AWA licensees must demonstrate compliance with the act prior to license renewal. But Schreibvogel is currently the subject of two USDA investigations involving possible AWA violations that resulted in the deaths of at least 23 tiger cubs over a seven-month period. (- in which most of them were still born or mothers laid on them and killed them, this was not at the hands of Joe pulling cubs from their mothers).

The following is just a sample of PETA's case against renewing Schreibvogel's license:

  • Despite Schreibvogel's inability to care for the animals he currently has, he continues to breed and acquire additional animals.
  • G.W. Zoo has repeatedly been cited after members of the public, including children, were injured by animals. (Never has Joe been cited for injuries to anyone and this is all public record of inspection reports on the USDA website.)
  • Because G.W. Zoo cannot afford to provide animals with sufficient food, workers were reportedly asked to search pastures for dead cows to feed to them. (This is a flat-out lie, the park throws away nearly 30,000 pounds of meat and produce away every week, due to having too much food to use and store.)

My question to PeTA and Ingrid Newkirk is why is it the facilities like the one in Tampa Florida not on her hit list that have twice the animals die, and had documented injuries such as a women with 400 plus stitches to save her arm not being harassed? Oh ya its because they donate to PeTA for protection against things like this press release.

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