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USDA Renews Joe Schreibvogel's License

Wynnewood, OK - (PR Buzz) -- 2014

Despite PeTA's complaining and over dramatizing their website with false accusations against Joe Schreibvogel, the USDA renews his exhibitors license for 2014.

In September of 2013, PeTA released a petition to the USDA asking them not to renew Joe Schreibvogel's license just to get attention for their own organization because not renewing his license would not stop him from having the animals or breeding them, it would only stop him from drawing an income from the public to care for them. You would have to ask yourself why would an organization that supposedly cares about animals want to cut the funding of Joe's animals without offering any help?

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) it's self does not have the power to just not renew someones license. PeTA knows this and still keeps putting out pettitions as if they are going to do any good. The license first has to be in violation of something and then be taken to a civil hearing where than only a judge can revoke or suspend a license, and this could take years.

So in the mean time Joe Schreibvogel will go on with business as usual.

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