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Fun Train Tours

Fun Train Tour with Joe Exotic

3 Hour Fun Train Tour for 2 - $1000.00 | Each Additional Person - $200.00

Joe, the G.W. Zoo Entertainer, has been with the park for over 11 years. The park is named in honor of his brother, Garold Wayne. If you want a tour that is out of this world, Joe is the guide for you. This is a once in a life time opportunity to get to touch and see up close the world's most incredible creatures God put on this planet. Feel the whiskers of a 600 pound Tiger. Sit on the floor of the main house with a baby tiger on your lap. Get a slobbery kiss from a grizzly bear and many more things.

Call (405) 665-5197 to reserve your unforgettable Fun Train Tour with our Park Entertainer, Joe Exotic.

Fun Train Tour with John Reinke

3 Hour Fun Train Tour for 2 - $800.00 | Each Additional Person - $125.00

John has been the park manager for over 3 years now, living a life with animals despite having no legs. Caring for all the animals at the park has given him a new lease on life. Take a special 3 hour tour with the famous animal man with no legs, featured in over 200 news magazine articles and on dozens of TV stories. See how handicapped and healthy animals respect a human with disabilities and how they interact. Once in a life time will anyone experience such a wonderful bond.

Call (405) 665-5197 to reserve your unforgettable Fun Train Tour with our Park Manager, John Reinke.

Fun Train Tour with Zoo Guide

3 Hour Fun Train Tour for 2 - $500.00 | Each Additional Person - $125.00

Have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes of a zoo? How about a wildlife park? Or better yet, the largest big cat refuge in the U.S.? Well today is your day.

We don't treally have a train to take you around the zoo but the tour name was coined by a formewr park guide who used to gather his tour groups up by saying "Let's go take a ride on the fun train" before each guided tour. And the tradition carries a private fun train tour with one of the park's most awesome staff and get closer to any tiger or other animal than you ever will again in your lifetime. Call (405) 665-5197 to book your tour today!

Our Regular Tours and Self-Guided General Admission Tickets

Endangered Animal Adventure Tour

Adults - $35.00 | Children Under 12 - $25.00 | Children Under 2 - Free

Take a two-hour adventure through the entire park, go behind the scenes and experience animals out of their habitats and interacting with you! You will interact with *baby tigers (when available), *baby bears (when available), wolves, kiss Cleetus the camel, *monkeys (when available), alligators and more during this awesome experience!

The Endangered Animal Adventure Tour is available at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday. No reservation needed.

African Walkabout Tour

Adults - $35.00 | Children Under 12 - $25.00 | Children Under 2 - Free

Our African Walkabout tours are a great way for you to learn a little bit about the animals here at the G.W. Zoo. It is a guided tour through the back of the zoo that lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and includes up-close time with an exotic baby (when available). The tour guide will take you throughout the area of the zoo not typically open to the public, share some unique and personal stories about the animals here and it is here that you'll be closer to the animals than ever.

Available at the top of every other hour beginning at 10:00am, weekday's (M-F) ONLY. No reservation needed.

General Park Admission

Adults - $15.00 | Children Under 12 - $10.00 | Children Under 2 - Free

This self-guided general admission tour will allow you to experience hundreds of animals here at our park. It is available during regular business hours, every day of the week.

We offer a $5.00 discount for active military members with ID, senior citizens over the age of 65 with ID, local Garvin County residents w/ID and Garvin County Foster Families. School and Daycare class trips are only $5.00 each per person.


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